Gustav Elijah Ahr, the famous drug addict rap musician known as Lil Peep. The hip hop music artist inspired by well-known music artists like David Bowie & Fall Out boy. Lil peep quotes became quickly popular & nominated as a leading figure in modern emo music. He was a drug lover & died at the age of 21 due to an overdose of taking excessive drugs before a concert in Tucson, Arizona. 

Lil Peep’s life was full of deep sorrows & challenges since in his childhood. Mostly, the lyrics used in his albums relate to his experience of life &execution of choosing words contains the quality of wisdom in his music that almost relates the kind of life he faced that include depression, drug use, love & relationship. The combination of all his experience shifted his thinking into the best quotes of his entire life. For the heartthrob fan following Lil Peep, who used to miss his way of style & enjoyed every moment of music life, the best quotes of his life determine their affection to their star raised at much more high level.

He had believed in hard work despite his mental health due to excessive use of drugs, he raised the popularity of his music to reached its peak in very little time. If he did didn’t at a young age, he would achieve more & became an accomplished star. Best quotes of Lil Peep that describes how much he understands the value of love, life, hard work, music & many more incident including hobbies, habits, love for tattoos.

• Lil Peep Quotes on love

  1. Love now, cry later
  2. I wish I didn’t have the heart to love you
  3. Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling. Darling your love is like walking a bed of nails & I just can’t keep on fine.
  4. I wish I was a little less passionate. I am A very passionate person.
  5. She was prolly thinking about me. I was prolly thinking about cheese.

Lil Peep Quotes on love

• Lil Peep Quotes on life

  1. I feel like I m creative, & I want to take advantage of that.
  2. Never be ungrateful
  3. Sometimes life gets fucked up. That’s why we get fucked up.
  4. Look at the sky tonight. All the stars have a reason.
  5. I help my friends out when they need it. I m extremely generous.
  6. I love gas stations. They have some of the sickest clothes ever. T-shirts, hats, everything.
  7. I definitely think the planet is very sad. I also think a lot of people are very ungrateful, which is another big problem.

Lil Peep Quotes on life copy

• Lil Peep Quotes on Hard work

  1. I did this all by myself. Matter of fact I never ask anyone for help.
  2. I always knew I was going to be an artist. I was very confident in that.
  3. Tell the rich kids to look at me now.
  4. If you’ re not a fun enough character, then no one’s gonna fuck with you because you don’t have enough shit that’s different.

Lil Peep Quotes on Hard work

• Lil Peep Quotes on Music

  1. David Bowie is my biggest inspiration. Pretty much the only thing that stayedcommon with Bowie was his eyes. Everything else constantly changes, from his sexuality to his songs.
  2. My first year making music conceptwas very experimental. I was trying to find my sound. In my second year, I was more in my element. I knew very well the type of production I wanted to go over and the topics I wanted to address.
  3. This music’s the only thing keeping the peace when I falling to pieces.

Lil Peep Quotes on Music

• Lil Peep Quotes about his Tattoo

  1. My tattoos have become a part of me. When I look into the mirror, I just see my face.
  2. I want people to hear What I have to say, & I want to be able to get a lot of points across.
  3. What you call a sin, its a part of my day.

Lil Peep Quotes about his Tattoo

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