The awesome features of Lil PEEP outfits seem to be perfect funky looks in his music videos. Our merchandise became the perfect online shopping place to get the genuine products used by the Lil PEEP to promote his style of strength in his music videos & now this merch became something big with the additional outfits in awful things as well as Benz truck & also in the category of girls music videos. LIL PEEP outfits in awful things contain the products with authentic quality & available in genuine material at our merch.

  • Hood by Air
  • Kurt Cobain Sunglasses
  • Vans
  • Converse
  • Dalix
  • Lighter

Hood by Air

This is a long-sleeve shirt having the white-collar while the other part of the shirt contains the orange & black lining contrast under the yellow color shirt. The fabric of the shirt is associated with the genuine stuff worn by the LIL PEEP in awful things music videos. The shirt is available at our merch at $636.

Kurt Cobain Sunglasses

The item is purely made up of neon. These sunglasses are just weightless with addition to the casualty to the wearer. The frame of Kurt Cobain Sunglasses contains the light purple shade along with the light green shade of the remaining part. The product is available at $10 at merch.


The product of the fleet named SK8HI-PRO available at $70. The cool & soft stuff Vans mostly loved by the LIL Peep in different matching fashion of colors, Lil loved to made his day. This van shoe had a white lace on the light red shade seems to be a cool item for purchase.


The All-star Converse Chuck Taylor 70 is also one of the finest shoes worn by the Lil in the awful things music videos. The product is available at our merch with a price of $85.


Dalix is pink camo Beanie available at our merch in $5. The soft & wool stuff Dalix amazed to wear with its best color combination scheme.

Ash is our Purest Form

One of the stylish products used by the LIL is his white color lighter in which Ash is our Purest form is printed in black color. The price of the lighter is $5. It is also known as BIC x LIL PEEP Logo Lighter. The worth of all items of awful things contains $811.

LIL PEEP Outfits in Benz Truck!!!

Another amazing product of Lil PEEP outfits in Benz Truck contains the best & genuine stuff material used by Him available at reasonable prices at our merch.

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Cross hoodie
  • Uggg
  • Never Say Die
  • Superstar 80s Black Camo
  • Hanes
  • Landlord

Mercedes Benz

This is the black Trucker Cap having the Mercedes logo at the front is available at our merch in $35.Lil used to wear it in Benz truck music videos. The quality of this Mercedes Benz will remain new & also used for pro-long activities.

Cross Hoodie

Another black product of Benz Truck is Cross Hoodie as it contains the Cross sign at the front portion along with Boyz Noise dispatch sign of skull. The quality seems to be perfect with the pricing of $385 available at merch.


The Pom Heritage Up Flap Hat Chestnut known as Uggg. The product of winter contains fluffy stuff that provides smooth relaxation to the part of the upper head. Lil used to wear Uggg under Mercedes Benz in the video. The cost price of Uggg is $115.

Never Say Die

The clothing fashion of LIL PEEP looks casual with the addition of a funk leather jacket named Never Say Die having the worth of $2500 as it is pure leather made stuff & there is a lot of rough texture or skulls extant on it.


Lil showed his lemon color boxer briefs in Benz Truck music video & the price of these 4 packs of boxers became $28 & available at our merch with genuine smooth stuff.


In addition to the boxer brief, Lil seems to be quite energetic as it wear Fur Jacket named Landlord with costing the price of $650. The light pink Fur jacket keeps the body warm in winter. The total worth of all products of Benz Truck is $3963.

LIL PEEP items to wear in girls music videos!!!

The complete clothing of Lil PEEPin girls music videos contains 4 items from tip to toe.

  • Dries Van Noten
  • Ashton Micheal
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Pro Model

Dries Van Noten

Lemon & white Striped Merino Wool Turtleneck having the worth of $180. The lining shirt is the gifts to young adults as the articles are purely made up of 100% jersey stuff that pretty much considered to be winter-wearer.

Ashton Micheal

It is the SS16 Pink Trousers considers to be rough styling. The worth of the trousers is $1k, as it became fluffy & quite amazing stuff & style to wear. Our Lil merch believes to sell His products in A++++ quality with authentic & long-term running fabric.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is blue color Double Gancini Leather Belt having the double-A buckle on it. The costing price of a leather belt is $357. The combination of Yellow jersey & pink trousers along with the addition of the blue leather belt delivers the best funky styling of wearing.

Pro Model

The upper portion of dressing makes a quiet grace with the additional shoe of the Pro Model at the toe. It is pure leather made of black & white with the worth of $265. The total worth of the items of girls’ music videos is $1802. All the products that a LIL PEEP used to wear are available at our merch with top-quality Stuff & at reasonable prices.

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