Lil Peep’s Yorkshire terrier

The journey of inspiring or the impact of Yorkshire terrier on the life of Lil Peep started when he was at 12 years. Who was Yorkshire terrier? Was this a kind of drug or a kind of tattoo or a music album? As his fans had got the great knowledge about his tattoos fantasy & craze of his drug addiction & popular hip-hop rap music very well but they didn’t seem to understand the chemistry of Yorkshire terrier with Lil Peep.

Well, that story begins with one of his school friends named Matt, whose mother had a shop of pets named doggy`s daycare. Lil used to visit his mother s shop after school at the weekend. Matt`s mother prepared & trained the different breed of dogs & also take good care of their feed process in New York. Yorkshire terrier was also included in kind of breed with cute long hairs & flexible skin named Taz. The interaction of Lil with Taz combined to form loving chemistry when he used to visit Matt`s mother store. Taz used to bark almost when Lil visit the shop & mostly ran towards him when he saw him enter the shop. Then gradually enhanced the chemistry between these two at its peak & Lil decided to make Taz the part of his life & his house.

Lil Peep`s love for Four-legged

In the winter of 2008, Lil admitted the love & attractiveness with Taz & had decided to make him the part of his family. But his father had his reservations about keeping the pets. He believed that they are cat lover people & not to preferred pets in his house. But later after he came to know the value of dogs also and considered dog a loyal animal than a cat. In February 2009, Taz became a member of Lil`s family & had initially surprised due to the change of atmosphere. Lil`s loved for Taz & vice versa builds a strong bond relation between them. He used to walk with Taz in the morning & evening in his street & enjoyed his company very much.

Taz was only depicted & created great hype on Lil`s life. When they switched their residence to a new apartment, it was a good & broad space area with also back yard fenced & Lil`s used to teach about sticks & played fetch & almost hanging every time with him. He used to capture moments when he had tossing sticks for Taz & making videos of him that how he fetched them.

Alone but Happy with Taz

Its been five years of gathering memories & the house of entertainment with Taz the second year of their new home, & Lil`s had a senior year of his school at a particular time. He decided to quit long beach high school & preferred to stay at home in his last academic year of school. But he wanted to complete his eductions by meeting with two professors at the public library after school. He made assure to complete his tasks & submitted his assignments through email. That was the time of October 2013, where he used to stay at home most of the time feeling alone but quite happy & enjoying every moment with Taz. They used to stay & sleep together.

Taz gave him unconditional love & attention during his worst period as his school friend never allowed to meet with Lil due to their parent`s pressure & Lil`s bother was at college in Pennsylvania, & his parents also with their reservations to each other. Taz proved that he was only the friend & best companion of Lil as he stayed in touch with him every time. He didn’t leave Lil side & he loved him so much. They stayed together, sleep together, snuggled together, chilled & hang out at the backyard together.

The True Companion

The long relationship of Lil with Taz approved the basics of a true companion. The graph of love bond & chemistry never seemed to be altered. The lifestyle of Lil depends on interest, preferences, observing, and hangouts of Taz & simply he adores him. Taz also loved to hang out with Lil but the public considered the reputation of Taz as a barking dog. Lil knew very well the likes & dislikes of Taz & took good care of his diet. He offered some time for burger king & pizza & always good on begging that, Lil posted a video of being begging for dinner at 4 pm daily at social media. He also used to click every moment with Taz`s photos & videos. There are hundreds of photos &videos of Taz in Lil`s laptop when his mother used to log in to his laptop.

Hashtag Taz

Lil`s favourite app Instagram had many more posts related to his dog. Taz became part of many videos of Lil. He used to put him Instagram post when awful video things are released. When Lil came back to the home he very fastly unfastened his seat belt & opened the car door & moved quickly towards Taz to love him & on the contrary the reaction of Taz also became very easeful. He would jump & wiggle with joy & Lil also did the same. Both were looking soul mates at their rejoining moment. 

The Final post

Once Lil had dyed his hairs with bright pink colour & that was his first public performance with Schema posse in Tucson, Feb 2016 he used to post his short seven-second video lying him next to Taz & rememorize the good time of school days & also proved Taz an inspiring moment in his life. Before the first public performance, he just assumed the value of Taz importance in his life & similarly in his last performance held at Oct 2017, his bother send him the photo of him with long hair Taz & Lil used to say about the last post that this is my dog Taz, He is a legend.

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