In case you remember that hit song “Awful Things”, there are chances that you might be aware of the USA rapper Lil Peep – actually named Gustav Elijah Ahr.

And that is for those who do not know Lil Peel – because his fans do not need a song’s title to remember this rapper who died young at a crisp age of 21.

This blog post is about Lil Peep Biography, his contributions to rap music and his mysterious death. In case you love Lil Peep or you just want to know lil peep bio for the love of music, this blog post should be enough.

Because it is has all the details that you’d ever need to know about Lil Peep, his music and personal life.

Personal Life

So, who was Lil Peep?

The Beginning

As many of you might already understand this, this is not the real name of this American rapper. His actual name was Gustav Elijah Ahr – and he was a Pennsylvania-born man. His date of birth is November 1, 1996. His parents were into teaching: Harvard graduates of Swedish origin who opted for divorce while Ahr was just a teenager.

As far as Ahr’s education is concerned – he wasn’t really interested in formal education, although he had been to Lindell Elementary School and Long Beach High School in Lido Beach.

While he was mostly absent from the school, he somehow managed to have good grades. And just like all great American (insert an adjective), he dropped out of high school and finished his diploma via online courses.

Just like most of the young Americans of his age, he also tried his luck on YouTube and SoundCloud. It did not take him too long to hit a home run with his dopey music.

In case you know Lil Peep you must know that he was probably the most tattooed singer of the USA, if not the world. He got his first face tattoo back in 2013; that was a little heart, right below his left eye. It was around the same time in his life that he made two big decisions: to move from Long Island (that depressed him as per his own account) and to opt the stage name that we know him for.

The Conflicts

Lil Peep was a conflicted person: a person with not one but many inner conflicts. You may say that it was because of him being from a broken family, but all children from broken families are not the same.

For example, not only he knew that he had conflicts, but he sort of enjoyed them and openly discussed them. His loyal fans loved how open and confident he was talking about his conflicts and problems.

For example, one of the biggest conflicts in his life was his bisexuality. This wasn’t known until he made it public via Twitter, back in 2017 – the same year he was found dead.

Among other conflicts of his personality were failed affairs, stress and depression – and definitely drug use.

Speaking of his affairs, the first name that strikes the mind is that of an actress and singer named Bella Thorne. They were dating in early 2017 and both of them were seen kissing after Lil Peep released his debut album.

However, this affair did not last for a long time. Soon after that affair he set on a tour to promote his debut album: Come Over When You’re Sober, met with Instagram star Arzaylea Rodriguez and both started dating.

Then there are more serious conflicts of his personality: such as drug abuse and depression. He was suffering from severe depression, anxiety and stress. He made it public that he had bipolar disorder. Due to substance abuse as well as his psychological dilemmas, he had had suicidal tendencies too.

He talked a lot about his desire to kill himself. This was the reason why many people suspect that his death was actually a suicide. During interviews he made it clear that his desire to finish his life was always a very strong one and that was the reason why he decided to move to California.

He used to think that Long Island and people around him were the reasons for all the depression and suicidal thoughts that he was suffering from. Unfortunately, that was not the case, because his depression, bipolar behavior and his conflicts remained the same until he died. He always longed for catharsis and as per his account from his YouTube channel to his music everything was to vent out the stress.

As a matter of fact, all of this helped him a lot, because as per his account, he established a strong relationship with his fans. However, his way of thinking was not perfect; even on the insistence of the loved ones (especially his mother), he refused to seek psychological treatment and tried to treat his condition with music and drugs.

As far as the drug abuse is concerned, he was known for consuming marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy. However, his last days and his talks with people around him reveal that nothing helped him and his depression was only getting severe.


Lil Peep died on November 15, 2017. It was 14 days after his 21st birthday and his fans were shocked to hear of the news of his death. He was on a tour, in Arizona, when he manager went to his bus to make sure about that night’s performance and he found him dead.

While some suspected foul play (think of murder) and others believed that finally he gave up to his painful conflicts, the most widely accepted reason of death is overuse of a hybrid substance. Apparently, he swallowed an overdose of a combination of two or more drugs, fell asleep and never woke up.


2015 is the year when Lil Peep actually become known as a singer. He released his famous tape “Lil Peep; Part One” – this first venture received tremendous welcome as within the first week it generated 4000 plays.

This encouraged him to release “Feelz” and then “Live Forever”. However, what really made him popular was his song “Star Shopping”. Hip-Hop circles appreciate this song a lot and Lil Peer got a lot of subscribers on YouTube only because of this song.

A rap collective Schemposse and Lil Peep were then seen performing live back in 2016. However, his conflicts led him to break with Schemposse and another collective known as Gothbioclique attracted him. His mixtape Crybaby features work from that time.

The launch of Crybaby back in June 2016 made him even more popular and the entertainment company known as First Access Entertainment convinced Peep to let them represent and lead his career in music.

Working with First Access Entertainment, in September, 2016, Peep released Hellboy. This was also a tremendous success and received amazing feedback from industry-leaders as well as masses. A few songs from this album won millions of views on the internet.

This success paved the way for Peep’s first solo music tour that was named “Peep Show” and occurred in early 2017. Soon after the tour Peep moved to London and made new personal and business/music connections over there.

This year was very important in Peep’s life. He made some important decisions and released “Cover Over When You’re Sober” part 1 and 2 – as well as a few other projects. This was the fateful year when young and gifted rapper decided to take his first world tour.

He started that tour from UK, went to Germany and then came back to USA, where in Arizona, he died before a performance. He was on the apex of his career and it was only very recently, that he managed to make a profile as a well-known rapper with millions of fans.

There are some posthumous releases that made Peep even more famous. One song alone, “Awful Things”, that I mentioned in the beginning ended up at number 79 on Billboard Hot and millions of views on YouTube.

Due to his immensely impressive work, he got a lot of respect and recognition from his fellow singers and industry-leaders too. For example, Marshmello launched Spotlight in 2018, in which Juicy J, another rapper, released a song “Got ‘Em Like” – and the song featured Lil Peep as well as Wiz Khalifa.

In 2018 Columbia Records acquired his music archive. In the same year, “4 Gold Chains” was released posthumously. In the same year, Makonnen told the world about release of falling down.

And it has been a loop – till this date we get news about Lil Peep’s work featuring in this or that product. A documentary, “Everybody’s Everything”, premiered at the SXSW Film Festival 2019 featured Lil Peep’s complex and yet promising life.

Not a lot of people know, but Lil Peep made contributions to the fashion industry as well. He was always very interested in fashion and modelling – especially in his teenage. And before he died, in 2017, he modelled for the brand known as Vlone.

It is not difficult to guess, that had the unfortunate rapper not killed himself with overdose of his favorite drugs, he would have become one of USA’s top rappers and singers by now.

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